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Private School Students Lock Themselves into the School to Demand Administration Response to Racism

*photo by @dad_soc on Twitter

After a racist video surfaced at Ethical Culture Fieldston, a private school in New York City, students felt that the school administration didn't take the events seriously. To make the administration listen to their demands, students locked themselves in the school for more than two days, barricading themselves in overnight. 

Although this tactic did get the administration to listen to students' demands, it's important to note that since this was a private school, the First Amendment doesn't protect their protest. Even if this happened at a public school, this type of protest would be a "substantial disruption" that also wouldn't be protected by the First Amendment. In other words, these brave students ran the risk of suspension or even being expelled to stage a protest to stand up for what they believe in and force the administration to listen to them.