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Your Questions, Answered

Question | Student Press

I was told I couldn't publish my article in our school's newspaper because the principal thought it would be embarrassing. Can she do that?

I wrote a really good article for my school newspaper about football players getting injured. I reported that many players got concussions and that some coaches would put guys back in the game even though it was suspected they might have gotten injured on an earlier play. I got quotes from players and quotes from coaches who defended themselves, plus I interviewed doctors. Just before the newspaper came out, the principal said the article couldn’t be published. Can he do that? Isn’t it my First Amendment right to expose bad information even if it is embarrassing?

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Question | Offensive Speech

Can my school punish students for posting racist stuff online?

After my school won a basketball game against our rival, another student from my school tweeted:

"lol ni**ers think they r sooo good at basketball but should prob go back to picking cotton after that loss!!!"

A lot of students are upset and angry with that tweet and reported it to the principal, but they aren’t doing anything about it! It doesn’t seem fair that he can say racist stuff like that. Isn’t there anything the school can do about this? Other kids at school have gotten in trouble for social media, so why aren’t they punishing him for the racist tweet?

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Question | Libel

Can I get in trouble for making fun of someone or saying mean things about them online?

Libel is a word used to describe written defamatory speech. Defamatory speech harms a person’s reputation, their social connections with family, friends, or employers, or their ability to work or make a living. 

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Question | Copyright & Fair Use

Can I use images from Google without getting in trouble for copyright infringement?

I want to use a pic of Kanye I found on Google for my article in the school newspaper. The article isn’t about Kanye, but about T-Swift and her feuds with other celebs. My teacher thinks this might be copyright infringement. Can I use the pic?

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Question | FOIA/OMA

When will I get a response to my FOIA request?

A few days ago I mailed a FOIA request to an agency requesting some copies of documents. How long do you have to wait for a response?

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Question | Copyright & Fair Use

What's the point of copyright?

What's the point of copyright?

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